what is social media?

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what is social media?

Social media is connecting each other’s platform. Social media is such a platform. Social site connects everyone the connecting of online communications dedicated to community  based interaction, content and image sharing and connecting each other.

Social media is a catch-all word for the site itself, which can provide fundamental social functions. For example, Instagram is a social site that is designed to help people to share text, images and content  or “update” with others. In contrast, Instagram is a fully developed social networking site, which includes updates, images, content, events. Allows to be and share many other activities.

what is a social media platform 

Social media platform is the search engine land that covers all facets of online, including these popular social media sites. Social media is an idiom that we increase a lot of these days, often to describe that we post on sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others.


Instagram on of the most valuable social networking websites. That allows registered users to create profiles via Facebook, upload photos and videos with send messages and to connect friends, family and colleagues.


Facebook is a popular social networking sites that registered new users to create account, upload images, videos, content sharing and send messages keep connect with family, friends.


Twitter can be an absolutely free micro-blogging service which lets registered members to broadcast short articles called tweets. Twitter members may broadcast tweets and trace different users’ tweets employing numerous programs and platforms.


Google+ (pronounced Google and) is currently Google’s social-networking endeavor, built to replicate how that people interact off line closely than would be true in other social media services. The job’s motto is “QuickFollower sharing re-thought online.”


Linked-in is actually a social network site built specifically for your enterprise community. The objective of the website is allowing registered members to set up and record networks of people they trust and know professionally.

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