Smart Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

YouTube Subscribers

Smart Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

What can you do to increase the number of people who watch your YouTube videos? You could become the next big YouTube star with many subscribers if you have the right strategy and perseverance.

In content marketing, video content takes the lead (as of 2022). For video blogging (vlogging), posting, and promoting videos, YouTube is currently the most popular platform in the world. As a free service from Google, many people (including myself) enjoy it.

Despite their recent moves into video marketing, Facebook and Twitter have yet to achieve the same prominence as YouTube.

Every uploaded video has an enormous potential audience thanks to YouTube’s over one billion monthly unique visitors. YouTube is the go-to destination for video content, whether a prank or a look at what a fashionista is wearing this summer.

Thanks to a slew of new YouTube stars, YouTube is a must-consider platform for anyone looking for online marketing and publicity.

Bloggers can use YouTube to reach a broader audience and connect with their online audience.

Using YouTube as a traffic source is an excellent way for a blogger to benefit from this social media giant. This can be done by gaining more YouTube followers.

Consistently produce high-quality, attention-grabbing content

Even if you’ve been active on YouTube for a long time, you still need to produce a lot of content and post frequently to gain subscribers.

Establishing a long-term, trusting relationship with viewers is possible by uploading and creating videos regularly. It’s a great way to keep current subscribers and attract new ones.

One YouTube video a week for four months is an effective formula. Upload your video on a day like Friday if possible. If you post a high-quality video every Friday, your viewers will look forward to it and plan their schedules around it.

People don’t want to subscribe to a channel if it hasn’t been updated for months or years. As a result, they will subscribe to your channel if you consistently post new content.

You can also cover a broader range of subjects if you upload videos regularly. Then, more people will be interested in subscribing to your channel because you have a wide range of knowledge.

Make Your Channel Homepage More Attractive to Become a More Popular Channel

After watching your video, most people will visit your channel’s homepage. A well-designed channel homepage increases viewer respect and confidence in your brand’s message. As a result, these viewers will subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can follow these tips to build the homepage of your YouTube channel.

  • Make sure your YouTube channel name includes a keyword.
  • Use your company’s logo and a few lines of text as channel art. The ideal size for channel art is 2560 x 1440 pixels. Maximum file size of 6MB is recommended.
  • The channel’s description should include the videos you plan to post and what viewers can expect if they decide to follow your channel. Keywords and a clear call to action are essential.

Your YouTube channel needs to be viewed as a business, not a hobby.

Make a Trailer for Your Channel

When viewers arrive at your channel, a channel trailer is a great way to entice them. The ideal length for a channel trailer is between 30 and 60 seconds.

In a few seconds, your channel trailer explains who you are and what you’re about. In addition, you need to give your subscribers a reason to keep coming back for more of your content.

Make sure your channel’s trailer is eye-catching and appealing. Like a movie trailer, if you don’t like the trailer, you won’t see this film.

It’s time to create a compelling YouTube channel trailer to attract new subscribers!

Subscribing to the service

To get more YouTube subscribers, all you have to do is ask for them in your videos. Keep in mind that the person watching you cannot read your thoughts. At the top of the video is a “Subscribe” button where you can make a compelling call to action.

Aside from that, please explain to viewers the value of subscribing. Adding annotations that allow people to subscribe to the video by clicking a button can be a good idea. Using the end screens, you can, for example, add a subscribe button to encourage subscribers, as shown below.

Make Use of Other Platforms to Market Your YouTube Channel

Lastly, you must promote your YouTube channel across various social media platforms.

Even if they look through your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media profiles, there’s a good chance some potential customers aren’t aware that you have a YouTube channel. You can promote your videos on social media so that more people see them.

Please notify your social media followers whenever you post a new video online. If necessary, you can write an article on your blog about your new video. Your YouTube channel will get more views and subscribers if you continue promoting it on multiple platforms.

In addition, you can use Pinterest to broaden your search net to gain YouTube subscribers and viewers and share videos on Facebook and Twitter.

Most people across your channel do so via a simple Google or YouTube search. You can use the visual search engine Pinterest to boost your YouTube traffic and subscriber count.

Consider making some of your best YouTube videos into Pinterest-ready images. Make a Pinterest image showing your gratitude and a link to your YouTube channel telling people they can watch the full video here, for example, if you posted a Thanksgiving video.


On YouTube, it takes time, effort, and a long-term commitment to creating something of value. But eventually, if you’re patient, you’ll reap the rewards of perseverance.


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