4 Ways to Buy YouTube Subscribers (And Whether You Should)

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4 Ways to Buy YouTube Subscribers (And Whether You Should)

More than two billion people use YouTube monthly, making it one of the world’s most widely used video-sharing services. Because of this, many people are trying to make money on YouTube.

What’s the best way to buy YouTube subscribers to take your channel to the next level? The number of subscribers is one of the essential engagement indicators on YouTube, but there are many others, including the number of views, shares, and comments.

The more followers you have on YouTube, the more probable your videos will appear in search results and be shared by other users.

Getting many YouTube subscribers might take a long time, which is why some people opt to purchase them. Not all businesses care about their customers and want to make money.

YouTube subscribers: Is it a good idea?

It’s just as risky to buy YouTube views as it is to buy Instagram followers or any other social media growth gimmick.

You’re “gaming the system” if you buy subscribers and interact in an unauthentic way, according to YouTube (and Google).

Your account could be suspended or even banned if you don’t comply with the rules.

The algorithm used by YouTube should also be taken into consideration. Many bots or phony accounts will not engage with your material if you buy them to follow your channel. The fewer viewers spend watching your video, the less likely it is to appear in YouTube searches.

Rather than making the most of YouTube’s billions of active visitors searching for your video, you’re forced to constantly “pay to play” because of this.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t acquire YouTube subscribers despite these hazards. All you have to do is follow the proper procedures.

Slowly build your audience instead of leaping from zero to 100,000 subscribers in hours, which is a scam.

Once you’ve churned out 1000 pieces of quality content, go for another 1000. As you climb the YouTube tree, make sure your progress appears natural.

How can you buy subscribers on YouTube, and what are the benefits?

How to buy YouTube subscribers? It is possible to acquire YouTube followers through a variety of methods. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Here they are, for your perusal.

Instant Purchase

Instant purchases are the best place to buy YouTube subscribers at a low cost.

This is the riskiest method of expanding your fan base, so do your homework on the service you intend to utilize.

For a price, you may buy the subscriptions of hundreds of thousands of YouTubers and accounts already subscribed to your channel.

Just visit their website, select a plan, and pay.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a second option for buying YouTube subscribers.

Google controls YouTube, and its ad network allows you to market your YouTube channel to millions of individuals actively engaged with other videos in your business.

In reality, you’re paying for views and engagement that will result in additional subscribers rather than “purchasing” YouTube subscribers through Google Ads.

Compared to the above-mentioned rapid buy strategy, this method is more organic and can take much longer to build your following. In addition, the price is higher. Because you’re working with YouTube’s owner, this strategy will not affect your account.

Google Ads has the advantage of being able to target a specific demographic. For instance, you may be trying to connect with small business owners. Or perhaps you’d like to increase the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel who are fans of cats. This is possible with Google Ads’ interest-based targeting.

What is the price of Google Ads? For as little as $0.002 per view, video view ads are a viable option regardless of your advertising budget. Converting those views into subscribers at the cost of $1-2 per subscriber is the real challenge.

Other ad networks

Ads on Facebook and native advertising platforms can help drive visitors to your YouTube channel.

Other ad networks have significantly less user intent than an instant follower buy or a Google Ads strategy. Your YouTube videos are disrupting other websites or social networks and requesting that they come to view your videos. Instead of interacting with them as soon as they get on the site.

Consequently, your subscriber growth costs will be much higher because the cost-per-view can be significantly higher — possibly at $0.30 per view or even higher.

As a result, your brand is exposed to a broader audience, which can be beneficial in promoting and reinforcing your brand. You might use retargeting advertising on your website or social media accounts to persuade people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Regarding purchasing YouTube followers, the other options are more direct.

Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers on a paid campaign is the final option for purchasing YouTube subscribers.

There is a lot of hype around influencer marketing, and influential social media users with large followings are everywhere. YouTube is also included.

Influencers who already have huge YouTube followings and are prepared to generate customized content for your brand should be sought out. This method doesn’t have to spend money on advertising or buy YouTube views directly.

There are many more unknowns in influencer marketing than in traditional forms of advertising. When it comes to marketing campaigns, you never know how well they’ll function or how much money you’ll get back. Risky, but perhaps lucrative.


It’s a not good to pay a website to buy youtube subscribers which is not authentic. The best thing you can do is purchase actual YouTube subscribers and use them with these expert suggestions to increase your growth significantly.


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